About Us

About us

Landora Group Joint Stock Company – Landora Group is a multidisciplinary business group in Vietnam. With nearly 20 years of experience in the leadership system and in-depth knowledge of Real Estate, we have successfully developed in many areas such as Investment, Strategic Consulting, Real Estate Business, Department of Real Estate. Vacation, Media … with the leading brands in Vietnam and the region such as: Landora Vacation, Landora Media, Phuquyland, FairyLand …


Landora Group defines a strategic vision to become a leading multidisciplinary business group in Vietnam, emphasizing its ability to analyze and assess sensibly about the real estate market.

Landora has positioned the brand “Mind of Friends. Expertise” to demonstrate the principle of operation for partners and customers in all activities and areas of business. Landora always understands, sympathizes and accompanies as a soulmate to provide total solutions with partners and customers to overcome all difficulties and come to success.

Each Landora project has a different approach. The company aims to focus on the development of products and services that require high levels of expertise, thereby developing in-depth resources to help create the image of “people” Landora as a wise Real Estate expert and The company possesses a wealth of knowledge. The company adjusts the implementation and monitoring methods appropriately for each project in order to improve product quality. Landora shows its determination and courage in the projects it has done.

Respect, right about the product and implementation capacity is Landora’s philosophy of action through demonstrating the honesty in promoting and introducing products. The Company is recognized, appreciated and trusted by Partners and Customers through the selection and development and distribution of projects of leading standards. The transparent, upright personality comes from the personal brand reputation of the head and Landora’s staff.